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Core objectives of the Not-for-Profit (NFP) organisation are to solve problems and offer their services for the common good cause. Their mission is extremely important for our society. The success to NFP organisation depends on how the management committee manages their resources; people and money. For people aspect; they depend on voluntary services from the local community. And for financial aspect; they depend heavily on grants, donations and contributions from wider community, government grants and the support from commercial organisations.

While the NFP’s are juggling to manage all of the above it is very easy to forget about managing their financials and ensuring their reports are up to date and are in-line with the regulatory requirements. One of the key success measures for any organisation depends upon how healthy their balance sheets are regardless of the nature of their structure; commercial or not-for-profit. Charity organisations often tries to balance their finances while keeping up with the operational costs. Outsourcing can be much cheaper options compare to hiring a full-time or part-time employees when other costs of tax and superannuation’s are considered.

At SEED PLUS; within our portfolio, we have existing NPF clients whom we provide services to. We are one of the key resources for NFP where they can outsource their ad-hoc services and reporting requirements. We support NFP with reduced fees and support to enable them to continue to serve the humanity at large.

Our outsourced services for NFP can be tailored to your needs. You can hire our services on ad-hoc basis or an ongoing contract. We do not impose any fixed fees or fix contract. With us you have the full flexibility to walk in or walk out depending upon your need.

SEED PLUS is a key player in the area of Not-for-Profit organisations and we offer variety of services that are listed below. If your requirements are not listed below, do not hesitate to contact us and discuss the matter with you. We will be happy to have a free consultation chat with you to understand your requirement and discuss how we can support with your outsourcing requirement. The good thing is we are Australian company and have resources available in Australia.

  • NFP Bookkeeping services
  • NFP Accounting Services
  • NFP Payroll Processing
  • NFP Cloud Accounting
  • NFP Financial Reporting Preparation
  • NFP Budget Forecasting
  • NFP Drafting Business Plan
  • NFP Drafting of Documentation

SEED PLUS is Your Trusted Business Partner and Contributor to your Growth!