SEED PLUS is Your Trusted Business Partner and Contributor to your Growth!

Our Consulting Services

Our Consulting Services specializes for small to medium-sized businesses. We provide services on how to improve or grow your business using business strategies, that require the necessary skills, and resources. We provide you with a plan on how to improve so you can implement the changes, feel confident in your business and continue to grow faster.

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Business Consulting

Business consulting is a broad term and can be used for many activities that may be required for your specific scenario. Talk to us today to discuss your needs!

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Business Development

Are you planning to grow? Are you new in the business and need to set up your business or company structure? Or are you in the business of research and development? Talk to us to discuss further!

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Outsourced Bookkeeping

Are you running an existing business or planning to start a new one? Are you looking to outsource your bookkeeping? We have strong presence in Melbourne, Australia and we can offer you seamless outsourced bookkeeping services. Talk to us today!

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Business Management

Are you having trouble managing your business and you simply need someone to review your current situation and guide you to the next steps? Talk to us today!

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SEO Services

Are you having a problem with your business SEO services? Are you struggling to market your business? Our consultant can help you engage with the SEO experts in Melbourne and put you in the direct hands of SEO gurus. 

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Guidance, Insight & Expertise

Are you struggling with your existing business or finances and in need of Guidance, Insight or expertise? Talk to us today to discuss your challenges and work out the best solution!

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As part of Accounting Services we offer Business Consulting service to review, revise and guide any types of business on what type of accounting activities you need, what systems you need and how best to setup for the growth. Talk to us today to discuss your needs.

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Business Marketing

You are running your business and now struggling with the marketing? Do you need guidance on what the best marketing strategies are for your business? Talk to us as we have many programs that could benefit your marketing strategy.

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Corporate Finance

We provide consulting services on corporate finance. Are you running a business and not sure on the financial structure of your business or simply need to source finance for your business? Talk to us today!

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Outsourcing Staff

Are you struggling with your existing business and do you need a consultant to review your outsourcing staff requirements? We can help you review your existing structure and guide you through the process of outsourcing staffing solutions. Talk to us today!

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Setting Up New Business

You are planning to setup a new business in Australia? Are you struggling to plan and work out the best structure for your business or how to finance your business activities? Do not worry further. Contact us today to discuss how we can guide you through step by step.

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Business Finance

Are you planning to grow your business? Do you need to purchase finance? Do you need equipment finance? Do you need cashflow finance? Is your business located in Melbourne, Sydney or any other metro cities in Australia? Talk to us today for the best business finance solution!

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We invest in time; we work with you; we understand your business and we assist you to develop a sound and sustainable business. We specialise in offering small Business Consulting services in Melbourne area. We have over 10 years’ experience in supporting various types of business. We assist you in identifying the key areas of your business. We work with you to set goals and steps on how to achieve those goals. Further to that we assist you with pricing your product or services and how to market them.

As a business consultant Melbourne, we can assist you with Business Start-up; end to end services for any start-ups and Business Planning for new or existing business. We can create tailored custom designed business plan.

SEED PLUS Business Consulting Services can offer the following assistance to your small or large business regardless of the size:

  • Growth and Increased revenue & profits
  • We assist business in setting up strong business structures
  • Market research to indicate factors affecting your business
  • Establish pricing strategy/model to ensure profitability
  • Create and Define growth strategies and set key milestones
  • Business Process Workflow and Design
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Operations workflow design
  • Review and revise supplier arrangements to reduce costs
  • Selection Criteria for setting up new suppliers
  • Understand and Identify business goals
  • Support and Facilitate the launch of new products or services
  • Implementation of smart solutions
  • Business Performance Management
  • Optimise operational & financial processes to improve efficiency & effectiveness
  • Support with sourcing technical infrastructure to meet the needs of the business
  • Contact us today to discuss your requirement further and how we can assist you.

SEED PLUS is Your Trusted Business Consulting Partner and Contributor to your Growth!